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Vaser® Lipo

One of the biggest health problems of developed countries, regardless of geographic location is to maintain a healthy weight by having to constantly exercise sitting work, eating properly balanced meals and living under constant stress. As a result of all these factors in the human body accumulates excess body fat, which largely borne physical condition, causing health problems and is often the cause of the formation of complexes and low self-esteem.


We offer you the effective removal of unwanted fat using ultrasound technology Vaser Lipo. This treatment is safe and significantly reduces recovery time compared to classical liposuction surgery. Therapy removing unwanted fat using Vaser technology is intended primarily for patients who:

– Would like to get rid of accumulated fat from specific areas of the body

– Have a problem with the deposition of fat cells only in certain parts of the body (a common example is the deposition of fat in the abdomen while maintaining the thinness of limbs and chest), thereby distorting the proportions of the figure.


Removal of excess body fat, not only will improve the well-being of the patient but also improve the quality of life, increase physical fitness and enjoy the dream a sophisticated silhouette.


Body contouring treatment Vaser Lipo technology


Modern technology is based on selecting adipose tissue through the use of ultrasound and interchange it in liquid emulsion. This method is very safe because it does not damage adjacent tissue, nerves and blood vessels. The patient information and ensure maximum efficiency of the surgery and a quick return to normal activity. Liposuction surgery using ultrasound can be performed on virtually any part of the body (abdomen, waist, back, back, thighs). Excellent precision operation allows the use of technology Vaser Lipo even in the most sensitive areas of the body.


before surgery


Prior to treatment, the patient is arranging for medical consultation to the doctor in order to:

– Order the necessary research kawlifikujących for surgery. Test results should be sent in the mail a week earlier: or delivered in person

– Determine what medications are taken by the patient and, if necessary, to reduce their admission for treatment (including aspirin, blood thinners, dietary supplements, etc.).

– The reduction of smoking and alcohol consumption approx. 2 weeks prior to surgery (if applicable)




On the day of surgery should eat a light breakfast, bring loose, comfortable clothing and if you can ask your friend or family member to collect after surgery. During Liposuction Vaser Lipo using local anesthesia is used, so there is no need to stay in the clinic after the procedure, and it is safe to return home. After preparing for surgery, your doctor introduces anesthetic into the skin. After a few minutes the skin of the patient is ready for the first stage of treatment, during which the doctor inserts a probe emitting ultrasound into the skin, and then breaks down fat cells. In this manner the fat gained broken form of an emulsion, which is aspirated via a cannula in the third part of the procedure. The duration of treatment depends on the area from which the patient wants to get rid of stored body fat.



Liposuction Vaser Lipo “before” Liposuction Vaser Lipo “after”



Film showing the technique of treatment:



After treatment


In order to obtain the best results and to accelerate the healing process should be for a period of about 1 to 2 months use special compression garment to help shrink the skin. Thanks to swelling will be reduced after a treatment, and the patient will avoid the problem of leaving excess skin that would occur without the application of a compression clothes. After a week when the soreness disappears from the surgical area, it is advisable to use rehabilitation, accelerating the healing of postoperative like. Ultrasound, laser therapy or magnetic wave. Rehabilitation after surgery fully supports the lymph flows accumulated in place of the removed fat, lowers the resulting bruises, and allows you to quickly regenerate the skin. It is also used at the time of massage reduce swelling, or lymphatic drainage, which also will be correlated with the recovery process.


In case of any alarming symptoms the doctor performing the procedure is available to the patient and all follow-up visits and consultation after the surgery are included in the cost of the operation.




body contouring


The use of ultrasound technology Vaser Lipo also gives a dream body muscles. Offered treatment will emphasize every muscle of the chest, abdomen, back, arms, buttocks and legs. The effects are long-lasting treatment made and are obtained without effort. Short recovery time and excellent precision surgery allows for a quick return to daily activities.


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Vaser Lipo body contouring “before” Vaser Lipo Body sculpting “after”




Price Services:


2000-3000 chin neck zł


Chest 2000-4000 zł


2000-3000 arms zł


2000-4000 belly zł


2000-4000 waist zł


2000-4000 buttocks zł


outside thigh 2000-4000 zł


inside thigh 3000-4000 zł


knee 2000 zł


2000-4000 calves zł