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Gynecomastia occurs mostly in adolescence and in young men during andropause most often after the age of 50. According to recent studies until approx. 30-40% of adult men struggling with breast hypertrophy (ie. “Female breast”), which in some cases may be swollen and cause the occurrence of pain.W result there is a significant increase in the area of glandular tissue and to increase the volume of the breasts in men – especially in the area of the breast. Most, however, encountered cause of gynecomastia is excess fat, therefore, this procedure is often combined with lipomastia surgery. In other cases, the occurrence of gynecomastia may be conditioned to hormonal disorders in the blood and the presence of estrogen or a similar substance.


Gynecomastia is primarily aimed at the proper appearance reconstruct man’s chest, and thus overcoming the psychological problems that often accompany this problem.


before surgery


To treatment could be carried out must first make an appointment for a free consultation appointment, during which the doctor performing the surgery is performed medical history and inform the patient about the next stages of gynecomastia surgery. With this type of surgery is necessary to perform, following laboratory tests:


– hbs


– hiv

– electrolytes

– morphology

– Ob.

– Ultrasound with breast surgery

– Other recommended tests


It is also important to tell your doctor about all the medicines you are taking regular treatment by the person concerned. Up to 10 days before the procedure, do not eat painkillers, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, and to reduce alcohol consumption and totally smoking (if applicable). Before the surgery will need to purchase the appropriate compression vest that will ensure proper recovery process.


Description of the procedure


This type of treatment is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient after surgery can go home without having to stay in the center. In the first phase of the surgery, your doctor numbs the treatment area of the chest. Then, a small incision is made through which the probe is inserted liposelective Vaser®, which was tasked to dissolve the accumulated fat to form an emulsion. Thus prepared, the fat is sucked through a cannula in the third phase of the surgery. The last element of the treatment is excision of hypertrophied gland, and then stitching the wound. This phase is not always due to the construction of the mammary gland, consisting of both adipose tissue and glandular. Surgical excision occurs if the same aspiration of fat would be ineffective and would leave a noticeable lump under the skin.


after surgery


After the treatment the skin in the chest area is significantly shrink, by stimulating contained therein collagen. However, to get optimal results it is necessary to wear a special compression vest, to exclude the possibility of incorrect decrease in the surface of the skin. The period of wearing compression vest is matched to the individual needs of the patient, but in most cases it is required for a period of about 6 weeks. Shortly after the surgery is visible swelling and bruising, which, however, gradually disappears. In most cases, the recovery process takes about four weeks during which strength training should be reduced and excessive physical activity. After about 7 to 10 days after surgery the doctor pulls the seams.


Price per treatment: 3000 zł