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Hair loss

Hair loss is a concern of today for both women and men. The causes of this phenomenon are very different starting the age, health status and ending stress on the wrong diet and lack of care for the hair.


However, the constantly evolving aesthetic medicine and dermatology can now effectively prevent hair loss. One of the recently discovered and excellent ways to address this problem is the use of PRP Therapy (Plasma). The same treatment is much better recognized as a great solution for the treatment of degenerative changes, acne scars and stimulate the body’s regenerative processes (more on the same treatment).


Description of the procedure


In order to prevent hair loss patient undergoes using its own blood plasma. Blood obtained from the patient is centrifuged after having placed in tubes, which causes precipitation of the upper surface of the plasma tube. It is then ready for re-injection. In the case of anti-hair loss serum is injected into the scalp, resulting in the recovery of weak and brittle hair, stimulates the regrowth of new and stop the balding process. The effects of the treatment will be seen in the vicinity of 3-4 treatment, when in areas undergoing head begins to appear visible fuzz hair.


This therapy is aimed at those with thin and thinning hair and those affected by androgenetic alopecia. Treatment should be repeated at approximately 2-week intervals. This therapy is not effective for the treatment of completely hairless scalp – the objective being to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss and stimulate hair rising new stronger.


prp before

prp after

Before After


Price per 1 treatment: 400 zł.

To be effective therapy is clearly needed for about 4 to 8 Therapeutic treatments using PRP (plasma) used against hair loss.