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Clamps for ingrown toenail correction

Ingrown toenail in the skin is uncomfortable and painful ailment, which is particularly difficult we cure on the big toe of the foot. The lateral edge of the ingrown nail can cause inflammation or swelling. The most frequently mentioned causes of this condition are primarily tight shoes and mechanical injuries. So far, the most common method of dealing with the problem was to remove the nail, or a part thereof after the surgery. This method always cause considerable pain and discomfort during recovery, and as a result was not always this way prevent ingrown nail again and renew the skin inflammation.


In order to counteract the process of growing into the skin paznokica and treatment of inflammation resulting from the ingrowth Jelenigórskim Laser Therapy Centre we use VHO corrective brace. Clamps are made of stainless steel and are very precise tool correction. Thanks to them, the patient will experience almost immediate relief for the entire duration of wearing braces until complete nail regrowth. Establishment of the clamp is completely non-invasive procedure, which does not require sick leave, and almost immediate relief of pain makes the patient can return to normal life.


In order to obtain the proper course of treatment VHO brace must be mentioned as one and a half to two months.




Price per treatment: 250 zł (1 clip)