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Discoloration of the skin

On the skin often appear in various types of hyperpigmentation, which are among the most common problems they have to deal with cosmetologists and aesthetic dermatologists. Symptoms of this type occur most frequently in the spring and in people over 50 years of age.


Discolorations are different sizes stains and spots occurring on the skin whose color is significantly different from the natural color to the body. Although it is difficult to determine whether discoloration of the skin are the result of only the effect of UV rays, or whether they are genetic or hormonal, but in consequence the concentration of melanin in the area resulting in the formation of discoloration (usually on the hands, neck and face). The most common skin discoloration include:


– freckles

– liver spots

– vitiligo

– excess and deficiency of melanin

– post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation


To eliminate or reduce discoloration of the skin can be used a variety of treatments and resources such as laser irradiation Q-switch, eCO2, laser dermabrasion or photorejuvenation.