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Modeling lips

Today, the dream of a full and sensual mouth became real for everyone. Improving the contours of the lips, enlarging their volume is highly popular, especially among women, but this treatment has its enthusiasts in men. This treatment is undertaken when incomplete development of the lower or upper lip to give it a proportional shape. Mouth undergo become young and beautifully formed, recover its natural red thanks to arrest the aging process. This treatment is also perfectly regenerates the cells around the mouth rejuvenating facial skin effectively in this area.


In Jeleniagórskie Laser Therapy Center surgery of modeling lips is performed using two methods: using the transplanted fat cells through the use of hyaluronic acid in the finished formulations.


Modeling lips – treatment



Prior to surgery the doctor specialist medical interviews with the patient to determine the patient’s expectations in relation to the treatment. In order to ensure the quickest recovery after the treatment and to avoid complications should not be up to 10 days before the surgery to take anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. If applicable, the minimum you should limit the intake of alcohol and cigarettes to 3 days before surgery. On the day of surgery, avoid UV rays and physical activity. Prior to the surgery, it is necessary to perform make-up remover.


The procedure takes about 30 minutes. In the first phase of the surgery specialist doctor numbs the area of ​​the mouth, and then using a thin cannula is introduced into the patient’s skin filler. The patient after treatment for a few hours should be kept to a minimum facial expressions around the mouth and avoid touching the skin in this area. In order to accelerate the healing process cooling lips is indicated by means of cold compresses to reduce swelling in the postoperative. Over the next few days, you should also limit exposure to the sun, avoid high temperatures and excessive exercise.


The effect of using after procedure both hyaluronic acid and fat cells maintained in the period from 6 to 12 months


Modeling mouth – own fat cells


It is a well tolerated treatment for patients because the treatment itself uses own fat cells to modeling lips, which reduces to a minimum intolerance fillers. The procedure itself involves performing liposuction under local anesthesia and aspirating small amount of fat in the selected area of ​​the body, and then centrifuging it to get a uniform consistency gel. Then the doctor makes a natural filler injection to the previously chosen the mouth area. Due to the very large innervation of the precincts of the skin, the patient is anaesthetized locally earlier to compensate for a minimum of discomfort during the procedure. The value added by transplantation of fat cells in the mouth area is that repeating this procedure four times during every 6 months will make the mouth not only to fully regenerate and rejuvenate, but will also be permanently enlarged.


This procedure requires a qualifying test, which list is provided below


– Complete blood count

– Clotting

– Blood glucose level on an empty stomach

– Urinalysis

– Hbs antigen

– Hcv antigen




Modeling mouth – hyaluronic acid


The use of the properties of hyaluronic acid, which allows the binding of water in the body in aesthetic medicine, makes it an area where it has been filled regains elasticity, firmness and attractive youthful appearance. Filling by hyaluronic acid is a short procedure and it is very similar to the procedure using fat cells. Firmness and sensuality mouth and wrinkle reduction is achieved within a few days of placing the filler.


In Jeleniogórskie Laser Therapy Center hyaluronic acid is used the highest quality and the doctor is trying to meet the needs of patients at the same time, working on products that meet their expectations.




Approximate price of the treatment:


– Fat cells: 1300 – 1500 zł


– Hyaluronic acid: 650 – 1300 zł (depending on the amount needed to fill formulation)