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Threads Aptos®

With time, the skin of the body collapses and despite the use of moisturizing and firming creams are not able to stop the aging process with substances that affect only the outer layer of the skin on.


Therefore, we would like to offer you the latest innovation in facelift, which are bioabsorbable company caproloc Aptos thread. The technology used in the production of thread caproloc allows them to be fully absorbed into the skin after about 360 days. The company develops technology Aptos lifting threads use for almost 20 years, continually striving to improve the quality of their products. The use of the methods offered by Aptos can correct ptosis – the falling of soft tissues, so as to maintain their natural beautiful and youthful appearance. Areas of the body that are most often to be treated this area: face, eyebrows, neck and mouth, but treatments using Aptos threads can also be performed in order to lift the breast, skin, thighs or abdomen.


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How do Aptos® threads?


When entering into the skin, the thread is effectively attaching to the soft tissue, creating strong support skeleton. At the same time leads the body to their original position. Threads Aptos® protect tissues against their re-displacement, thus rejuvenating effect is visible. Youthful appearance is achieved thanks to L-polylactic acid(L-lactic), which effectively slows the aging process from the inside.


Threads are introduced through the puncture points, using specialized and customized implantation techniques (needle guide). This technique is less invasive and safe for the patient. At the same time treatment without lifting operations can be implemented using other preparations of smoothing wrinkles as botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, whereby the thread Aptos concert conveniently under the skin of the patient.


The use of implants Aptos company, gives us the assurance that this is an innovative product, and the results of the treatment are immediately visible at the same time minimal interference and highest performance of intervention.


How long does the procedure take?


The treatment is carried out in a short time. The imposition of thread on the whole face takes approx. 30-40 minutes and interventional single zone only 10-15 minutes. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so it does not require hospitalization.


Prior to surgery


Prior to surgery, using threads Aptos, consult with your doctor patient areas to be given a facelift. Perfect skin for surgery can not be too slack and must be flexible, and be an asset are prominent facial bones of the patient.


What are the recommendations after surgery


– For the first few nights after surgery should sleep on their backs


– Use cold compresses in areas that have been subjected to treatments


– It is necessary to limit facial expressions for about 3 weeks


– Avoid excessive physical exertion, muscle spasm, facial massage


– Do not use the sauna and a bright warm place undergo




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Price Services:


From 2000 – 4000 zł for the area