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Removing blushes

Erythema are the changes taking place within the capillary blood vessels, which are the most common cause of the appearance of redness on the face. Erythema are most frequently under the influence of unfavorable climatic conditions, emotions, increase blood pressure, drinking too much alcohol, as well as in people with sensitive skin, dry and prone to allergies. Disorder of this type, which will not be subject to preventive and therapeutic action may lead to rosacea, spider veins and other vascular lesions within the cardiovascular system.


It is not only aesthetic defect, but at the same time the risk of complications in the future, which is why the skin, having a tendency to rupture of blood vessels and the formation of blush should be protected throughout the year by using special creams during daily care and treatment through the use of reinforcement blood vessels, based on appropriately selected therapies using medical lasers.


Description surgery


Removal of erythema is carried out using a laser medical whose parameters are adjusted to individual patient needs according to established vascular lesions. The laser beam reaches the blood vessels which cause the resulting erythema. The light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the blood cells, which causes the conversion of it into thermal energy and, consequently, evaporation of water from the body tissues and blood vessels visible absorption through the skin. This is a process called Photothermolysis and its properties are used in the application of lasers in all areas of the treatment of lesions in blood vessels.


after surgery


Effect after the removal of erythema is almost immediate, and small changes that require treatment are removed in 9 of 10 cases after the first treatment. Over a period of 1-2 days the skin may be flushed at the point where surgery was performed, and may also cause slight scabs, which will disappear within a week time. Removal treatment of erythema, however, does not prevent the opening of new blood vessels on the face, and therefore, must be used to help preventive such as:


– The use of prophylactic treatments strengthen the structure of the skin and reduce the tendency to the formation of skin erythema

– Removal of individual capillaries appear to reduce the formation of extensive vascular lesions,

– The use of protective creams and moisturizers

– Avoid excessive sun exposure of the skin


For effective treatment needed to perform from 1 to 3 treatments.


Price per treatment: 200 – 500 zł