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Removing of ruby dots

Ruby dots is also referred to as senile hemangioma and their occurrence in the body increases in the approximately 30 years of age. At first glance resembles a mole in dark red colour. The macula is formed as a result of sprawl expanded small veins. Large impact on the formation of spots ruby is the process of skin aging. The number on the body may be different, which is dependent on the susceptibility of the skin to ambient conditions, its age and prone to allergies. Despite advances in medicine, you can not prevent the formation of spots ruby, because the process of their formation is quite complex and to date fully unknown.


This type of skin lesions most commonly appear on the neck, abdomen and back. Sometimes hemangioma is in an area where it is subjected to irritation, and touching it can make bleed (e.g.. Spots that appear around the fastener bra). In order to avoid unpleasant consequences of skin irritation, pain and inflammation of the skin, it is best to remove the therapeutic effect by using a laser beam.


Despeckling ruby


Despeckling ruby is a procedure completely safe and does not require additional preparation by the patient. In Jelenia Gora Laser Therapy Center ruby spot is removed by a CO2 laser and eCO2 so that treatment takes place without pain, scars and in a short time. In places where there were changes, form scabs and the skin is completely healed within two weeks.




To proceed with the surgery does not need to perform specialized tests. On the visit of the consultation should be reported to your doctor, or are pregnant or have allergies to medicines, and what a treat chronic diseases, if any. You should also tell your doctor if you are sensitive to sunlight. In most cases, the dominant procedure can be performed immediately after a medical consultation. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or by anesthesia of the skin through its cooling.


The procedure itself involves evaporation of the resulting changes using laser light. After removal of ruby dot the doctor disinfected the area of treatment(eg. Hydrogen peroxide).


Price per treatment: 100 zł (price may vary depending on the number and size of spots)