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Removing of scars

The scars are the result of damage to the skin.

Wounds that cause scarring may differ significantly from each other due to their depth, type of injuries (stab, cut, plucked). The scar may also arise due to the skin effect on the corrosive substance, fire or cold. Also any procedures requiring surgical intervention leads to scar formation at the intersection of the skin (eg. Scar after the removal of the appendix) Depending on the factor that it caused scar can be small and not conspicuous or be noticed due to large surface. A significant problem may be hypertrophic scars, resulting from the accumulation of residue from the wound tissue, which amount is disproportionately greater than the loss of skin formed.

Scars resulting in damage to the skin are often the cause of the problems of aesthetic nature and their location on the body can also have a negative impact on our self-esteem and sense of self-attractiveness.

Scar removal – before surgery

The aim of therapy is to make the removal of scars resulting scar optically invisible or less relative to the surface of the surrounding skin. For this purpose, the patient:

– Tanning the skin should be avoided for a period of 4 weeks before the surgery

– Do not use exfoliating skin treatments one week before surgery.

– Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before surgery

– Skin should be clean-shaven

– If you are taking any medications regularly is obliged to inform your doctor before surgery.

Scar removal – description of the procedure and postoperative procedures

Laser surgery can reduce the size of the scar, and even deleting it completely by carrying out surgery using the technology of CO2 lasers and eCO2. In order to achieve the desired effect of the treatment should be carried out from 3 to 5 treatments to remove a scar.
Prior to the surgery the surgeon performs patient’s medical history to determine contraindications that may not qualify for the treatment of scar removal. Then, the day of surgery scar disposal site is anesthetized with anesthetic ointment for 30 to 45 minutes prior to the procedure, or by anesthesia administered subcutaneously just prior to the procedure. Using the laser beam ablation is carried out for the resulting scar tissue to the level of healthy skin individually selecting the parameters of the laser to the skin of the patient.

After the treatment area, which is exposed to the laser actions were launched can be flushed and swollen for up to about seven days from the date of surgery. During this time, you should avoid exposure to UV rays, avoid hot baths and use prescribed medications.

The desired effect requires a complete transformation of collagen in the area undergoing therapy, which is synonymous with a period of approximately 9-12 months

Price per treatment: removal of 1 centimeter scar 100 zł