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What is diaphoresis?


Sweating is one of the many physiological functions of our orgasm, and its main purpose in addition to elimination of residues from the metabolic process of the body is cooling to avoid overheating.

However, in the case of occurrence of an excessive amount of sweat, disproportionate to the cooling needs of the body occurs troublesome phenomenon called hyperhydrosis. In such situations, people affected by this condition are constantly sweaty armpits, wet your hands and feet, which is often the source of their frustration and discomfort. In some cases, diaphoresis sufferers are forced to several times a day changing clothes.


In addition to the daily inconvenience, diaphoresis is in no small part the cause of social exclusion, as often happens especially to young people. In such situations, the person affected by ailment isolated from their peers, which can lead to a chronic lack of confidence in their future careers or even depression.


Description of the procedure


Before the procedure, it is necessary to make an appointment for a free medical consultation and tell your doctor about all the medicines and medical history. If necessary specialist doctor may order laboratory tests to qualify for surgery.


– Botulinum toxin – toxin injection into the tissue causes a stoppage sweat by the sweat glands through periodic (from 6 months to 1 year) paralysis of the nerve endings. Botox is injected just under the epidermis of the hands and feet, where its use produces the best results. Partier is a method widely used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, but it brings only a temporary solution and requires a repeat at regular intervals.


– Vaser® – ultrasonic method – it is a safe procedure lasts about one hour, giving very good results in the treatment of excessive sweating armpits. During the procedure, the axilla is filled tumescent anesthesia, to numb the area and contraction of blood vessels. Then Vaser® probe is inserted under the skin by making a small incision. During the procedure, the probe emits ultrasonic waves of low power, which are supposed to be separated from the rest of the sweat glands of the tissue without affecting adjacent areas. At the same time when the treatment is hardly breakable adipose tissue around the armpits, which together with the sweat glands is gently aspirated during the third stage of treatment.


Contraindications for surgery


– Diabetes

– Coagulation disorders

– Cancer

– Hormonal diseases

– Psoriasis

– Disorders of neuromuscular

– Viral and bacterial changes in the body


Price per treatment:


Armpits – 3000 zł

Hands and feet – 1500 zł