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Hair Removal

Hair Removal  offered by Jeleniogórskie Laser Therapy Center is the perfect solution for all those who want to avoid constant nuisance to care for smooth skin. Laser hair removal is the most effective way to remove hair from the skin. Traditional methods of hair removal (waxing, shaving, waxing) give only a temporary feeling of smoothness, and often lead to skin irritation.


Using the latest technology available on the market, we guarantee our customers that laser hair removal can permanently destroy the hair follicles in a fast, easy and safe way.


Laser Hair Removal MeDioStar NeXt


Innovative laser MeDioStar NeXt is the most modern equipment of this type on the market. The treatment consists of sending a fine stream of energy into the skin (a few millimeters) to individual hair follicles. Melanin is contained in the root absorbs laser beams, which prevents its growth in the future. While laser hair removal before sending a pulse of energy cools the skin, making the procedure is performed virtually painless for the patient.


removal of unwanted hair


The laser removes only the hair that the surgery is performed during growth. Therefore, to remove all Italian leather, perform several series of 6-8 treatments at weekly intervals.

Laser hair removal treatment MeDioStar NeXt is also intended for people with dark skin type. Following surgery, you may experience slight redness around the hair follicles. It is important that before the surgery to shave part of the body that will be subjected to hair removal.


Laser MeDioStar NeXt is used by hair removal JCTL surrounding the legs, back, underarms, arms and bikini.


Below are pictures of “before” and “after” back hair removal and bikini:


laser hair removal


The main advantages of depilation MeDioStar NeXt:


– Effectiveness

– Security

– The rate of surgery performed

– Elimination of unwanted hair from any part of the body

– Without pain

– Attractive price *


Laser Hair Removal Syneron E-Max


This laser uses ELOS ™ technology, which simultaneously complementarity of electricity and light, which ensures quality and protection of the body during surgery performed at the highest level. Are minimized simultaneously all side effects that may occur during therapy, and the use of anesthesia by blowing cool air during the treatment provides extra protection during hair removal treatment.


Laser Syneron E-Max is capable of removing hair from the body regardless of their color and to carry out an effective treatment generally takes about 5-6 treatments. Use ELOS ™ technology allows precise control of the amount of energy delivered during the procedure, which prevents damage to the skin.


Before surgery, the patient should shave the place from which the hair is to be removed. The skin should not be too irritated medications or do not irritate the skin using epilators, tweezers and wax.


After being subjected to treatment after 3 – 4 days for the body start to appear bare areas. It is worth noting that each treatment removes only a certain amount of hair (about 30 to 60%), the dark and thick hair are removed more rapidly and require less treatment hair than clear.


It should also be noted that after the surgery to avoid tanning the skin for about two weeks and apply protective creams. Furthermore, the skin immediately after surgery in most cases, irritated and inflamed, which may persist for several days.


Approximate price per treatment:


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– Calves – 300 zł

– Will 300 – 450 zł

– All legs – 600 zł

– Bikini 200 – 300 zł

– Armpits 150 – 200 zł

– Hands 200 – 400 zł

– Back 500 – 700 zł


* Prices outside promotion


– Calves 600 zł

– Will 600 – 900 zł

– Legs 1200 zł

– Bikini 400 – 600 zł

– Armpits 200 – 300 zł

– Hands 400 – 800 zł

– Back 1000 – 1400 zł