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Snoring is a pathological phenomenon caused by abnormal breathing during sleep. The phenomenon of snoring can be caused by the following factors:

– Anomalies in the upper respiratory tract, soft palate and uvula,

– Swelling of the mucosa and tonsils

– Adenoid hypertrophy.


As a result, the occurrence of snoring mood of the day is much worse. In people suffering from this disease may include: headaches, chronic fatigue, reduced concentration and a significant vulnerability to sleep, decreased sex drive, and even serious disorders of the cardiovascular system, which can lead to heart attack and hypertension.


How to cure snoring?


Counteracting the ideal solution is to use a snoring radiosurgery achievements in order to prevent this disease. The treatment of snoring treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and not-limited daily living patient. During the procedure, the effect of the tide radio waves of very high frequency, and also a low temperature, is applied by means of a thin electrode in precisely defined area of the soft palate and uvula. This technology allows you to perform a series of very precise and delicate incisions in the area that causes snoring, which will let the recovery of the patient’s healthy sleep.


The procedure is performed using radiosurgical  techniques based on Ellman’s device takes up to 30 minutes. The patient is anaesthetized locally, in order to completely reduce discomfort during the procedure. In most cases, in order to eliminate the problems you need 1-2 treatments that will optimally improve the sleep of the patient and his family.


Where can I learn more?


Thanks to the treatment of snoring treatment, you can quickly and easily reduce or completely offset this annoying phenomenon, so do not wait and make an appointment for a free consultation in order to obtain professional advice before surgery.


Price per treatment: 2000 zł