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Plastic surgery of protruding ears

Plastic surgery of protruding ears


Protruding ears cause many complexes in adults and children. The cause of standing ears are genetic predisposition, and the only effective solution to the problem is to undergo surgery that wipes out the problem. The aim of surgical ear correction surgery is to restore the correct positioning of the ears relative to the skull.


Plastic surgery of protruding ears


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which is administered in a rear surface of the ear. The procedure itself is to cut away part of the skin and cartilage modeling on the back of the ear. During the procedure, the surgeon shapes the outer ear, in order to meet the expectations of the patient. Then there are the expected seams modeling, which are responsible for maintaining the proper shape of the ear. During one of correction shall be two earlobes. The procedure takes approx. 1.5-2 hours. The sutures are allowed to ten days after the procedure. Recovery after surgery takes about 3 weeks.


Ear correction before surgery

Before surgery, correction feelings (archive your own)


Ear correction Ear correction after surgery after surgery 2

After surgery, ear correction (own archive)



Plastic surgery of the ear in children


Due to the growth process completed pinna (ear size and shape is almost the same as an adult), the treatment can be performed in children who are already 6 years old. Postoperative symptoms are much smaller than those of adults. Feelings correction surgery should be performed only when the child feels the same need (ashamed of his ears, does not accept their appearance, etc.). You should not perform the surgery in children on special request of the parents. Correction of protruding ears is performed under local anesthesia and provided for the duration of the treatment, the patient must lie still. The administration of anesthesia in the rear surface of the ear can be uncomfortable. Therefore, treatment should be performed in children aged 8-15 years.


before surgery


Prior to the surgery, ear correction is necessary consultative visit with the surgeon. During the visit, the patient’s physician acquainted with the course of the treatment procedure and treatment. Make the necessary laboratory tests (hematology, coagulation and bleeding time blood, liver tests). The patient is required to inform your doctor about all the medicines. Before surgery, you should not take antipyretics, analgesics and anti-inflammatories, as they may worsen to bleed during surgery and significantly prolong the process of recovery.


Contraindications for surgery


– Pregnancy and breast-feeding

– Clotting disorders

– Inflammation of the operated area

– Nierugelowane blood pressure


after surgery


The patient must be applied for two weeks special tourniquet maintenance (band must also be used for 2 months during sleep). Immediately after the procedure may be swelling, redness, pain sensation and weakness ears. Very rarely, you may receive an infection, scar hypertrophy or deformation of the ear. The doctor always gives personalized recommendations after surgery patients who underwent angioplasty ears. Compliance with medical instructions will minimize the risk of complications after surgery.


Price per treatment: 2500 – 3000 zł