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Removal of atheromas

Atheromas are cysts and arise as a result of the stagnation of secretions around the hair follicles of the sebaceous glands. Such changes in the skin can occur anywhere on the body (most often appear on the scalp, around the neck, ears or cheeks), and failure to remove systematically increase its surface area. Atheromas shouldn’t be push or reopen, as it can lead to infections of the skin and the formation of painful inflammation and scarring at the site of irritation.


The most common causes of cysts of this type include:


– Damage to the hair follicle,


– Genetic background,


– Damage to the sebaceous gland,


– Excessive lubrication of the skin through the use of moisturizing preparations,


– Excessive skin exposure to sunlight,


Description surgery


The most effective method of removing atheromas the incision using a scalpel or laser pulse using a CO 2 laser Place where the atheroma is drained and cleaned by a doctor, and then sewn together by sutures. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and does not cause much discomfort. Proper removal of atheroma with a skin bag eliminates the chance odrośnięcia completely removed the lesion.


After the surgery for several days may persist pulling sensation that arises within the stitches removed atheroma. The process of recovery takes about 7 days and the dominant majority of cases is limited to the control visit, and change dressings.


Price per treatment: 100 – 500 zł (depending on the size of atheroma)