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Cellulite removal

Cellulite (also called “orange peel”) is the most common ailment affecting aesthetic primarily women. Frequently orange peel longer appears in adolescence. Symptoms of an increased incidence of cellulite also occur during menopause, pregnancy and before menopause. The cause of cellulite is abnormal fat redistribution occurring with edema and fibrous changes in the subcutaneous tissue. A characteristic feature of cellulite is wrinkled and uneven skin surface hips, thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen. The result is shown folds and beads on the above-mentioned parts of the body, which can sometimes cause pain. According to studies, 80% of women suffer from cellulite.


What are the causes of cellulite?


Unfortunately, the exact cause of cellulite are not known, but there are many factors that have a huge impact on the development of orange peel. These include:


– Sedentary

– Receiving hormonal tablets

– Lack of physical activity

– Consumption of highly processed foods

– Genetic


Jeleniogórskie Laser Therapy Center offers its clients an effective cellulite treatment using the latest technology. Dermablate Effect is the most advanced on the market of medical services unit, which serves, among others, to safely break up the orange peel from all parts of the body affected.

Non-invasive treatment is to eliminate fat cells by using shock waves sent without prejudicing with the surrounding tissue, blood vessels and nerve strands. Module AW (Acoustic Wave) generates an acoustic wave that is used to break down cellulite on all parts of the body.


Now, thanks to modern treatments using acoustic wave can always get rid of unwanted orange peel.


Asclepion effect before


Asclepion effect after


Against Acoustic Wave Acoustic Wave After treatment


Asclepion effect before 1


Asclepion effect PO1


Against Acoustic Wave Acoustic Wave After treatment


For more information on the course of treatment:


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Approximate price of the service:

400 zł per area


* Slides come from Asclepion leaflet “The Asclepion Effect”