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How firm the skin

The firmness of the skin depend to a large extent on its moisture from the inside. The stronger are collagen fibers (which have the ability to bind water molecules) in the skin , it is more flexible and resistant to aging. The supple skin is, firm, smooth, full of vitality. Such skin enjoys every man for 25 years – during this period the process of disintegration of the cells is offset by the reconstruction process.  After 25 years, this process is slowed down, and from 35 years of age can be seen clearly sagging skin and wrinkles.


To slow the aging process should be used firming exercises appropriate cosmetics to improve the skin’s elasticity, and a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat and unsaturated fatty acids. However, daily care is in many cases insufficient because of the limited time we can devote to it. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at the offer of dermatology and cosmetic surgery to get the most excellent results. In addition to the preparations having the task to smooth wrinkles or moisturize the skin from the inside also is applying a fat transplantation, which is preferably a substance tolerated by the body having a very large capacity of regenerating the skin.


In the process of skin regeneration very important role treatments using laser light, which enables fast regeneration of body cells and its excellent firming.


What treatments should be used?


Laser Lipolysis, Filling wrinkles,Lipolysis injection , Radiofrequency, Skin Firming, Massage, Fat transplantation, Reduction of facial wrinkles, “Vampire facelift ‘