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Removal of milia

Milia are small epidermal cysts that often quite abundant in the vicinity of the eyes, as well as lips and genital area. The reason for the formation of the actinic mouth of the hair follicles, causing blockage of the sebaceous gland, resulting in the accumulation of secretions tallow just under the skin. The occurrence of milia is not a disease and is not contagious skin lesion but their occurrence on the eyelids, lips should consult with a dermatologist or cosmetologist for possible removal.


Description surgery


Removing milia is aesthetic surgery, which is performed CO2 laser or eCO2 by their evaporation. The doctor performing the procedure done in shallow laser interference on the surface of the skin through a series of micropulses. During the procedure is given subcutaneous local anesthesia or anesthesia of the skin area by a blast of cold air to the treatment was completely painless. Milia tend to regenerate, and they appear in a different area of the skin, and therefore it may be necessary to repeat the procedure to obtain optimum results.


after the surgery


Immediately after surgery, you may receive a small swelling of the skin and redness at the site of laser interference. After a few days there will be scabs, which should allow itself to fall off. During the recovery period, do not expose your skin to sunlight, avoid solarium and beauty treatments with an exfoliating the skin.


Price per treatment: 100 zł (with one change of this type)