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Problematic tattoo

Tattoos are often true works of art. Arise from the introduction of the dye into the skin with a special needle. In the past, tattoos were associated with the various rites of passage – particularly among men who received the first tattoo after the entry into adulthood. Currently, tattoo largely lost its connection with the rituals and Western culture operates primarily as a way of decorating the body, beyond the relatively few cases of confirming membership of a particular group.


But what to do if the tattoo is not very aesthetic, or no longer gives us satisfaction and the only thing we would like to forget about it?


In such a situation should contact a doctor of aesthetic medicine that will help you to remove an unwanted tattoo. The process of removing the tattoo is done in several stages – the tattoo is removed by evaporation of the epidermis using a fractional laser. In order to fully remove the dye from the skin to be held from 3 to 5 treatments, repeated about every five weeks.


What treatments should be used?