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Skin growths

Removal of skin growths


Skin growths are benign dominant majority of cases of growth, which, however, if left untreated, may tend to increase their volume or duplicated in different regions of the body. Skin growths protruding often take the form of nodules, which can easily irritate the dress, which not only enhances their unsightly appearance, but also threatens to cause inflammation in the place of occurrence.


For the most frequently encountered are skin growths


– Warts or skin growths often having viral nature. Warts are most common on the feet, hands and genital area. Usually do not cause pain, and if you are not located in areas exposed to continuous pressure or abrasion, not a big problem. Unfortunately, the viral nature of the wart makes it not only causes the formation of successive growths, but also can lead to infections of the skin, so as quickly as possible is recommended to consult your doctor for further proceedings.


– Fibroids, which are benign tumors of the skin, arising from connective tissue. Can be divided into soft and hard. May occur throughout the body and removes them mainly for aesthetic reasons, but as any unnatural lesion require medical consultation in order to prevent the formation of inflammation.


Description of the procedure


The treatment of skin growths removal is carried out using a CO2 laser or eCO2. During surgery, skin protrusion is provided a laser ablation process, or evaporation of the level of healthy skin using a laser beam. In most cases, this procedure does not require anesthesia, but if there is a need for a local anesthetic is used to ensure the maximum comfort to the patient during therapy.


after surgery


Healing after the procedure takes 7 to 14 days, the area where surgery was performed requires regular decontamination using alcohol-based formulations. In the place of the surgery of a small scab, which should not be removed to prevent scar formation. For a period of 30 days from the date of surgery to avoid tanning of the skin area.




Price per treatment: 100 – 500 zł (depending on the size of the change)