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Removal of warts

Warts, commonly known as warts appear on the skin as a result of infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus is transmitted through contact with the skin. This virus has many strains. Warts most often appear on the hands and feet, but can also be transferred to other parts of the body (mouth, genitals).


Causes of warts


Cuts, abrasions or skin cracks promotes implantation of HPV in the body. Viral papillomas may also occur in people who have a weakened immune system. Life stress, exercise, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, heavy operations, or inflammation can only increase the likelihood of contracting the HPV virus.


Warts can be transmitted by direct contact with the patient (eg. By shaking hands) and the use of common objects (file, towel). Papilloma virus can also infect the pool, the sauna, or in other places where a lot of people staying.


When should I go to the doctor?


If we notice that our body appeared warts should immediately consult a doctor. The longer we delay making a decision therapies that increase the chance of spread of HPV to other parts of the skin. With time not removed warts nest deeper in the skin causing pain. It is therefore important to take it to a specialist immediately when you notice changes in the skin.






In Jelenia Gora Laser Therapy Center warts removed by laser eCO2. During the treatment, papillomas is subjected to laser ablation process, ie. Evaporation of the level of healthy skin using a laser beam. In order to provide patients with the highest comfort, burning warts runs using local anesthesia. Removing warts treatment is very short and you can already make a consultation visit.


after surgery


Healing of the skin after removal of warts is from 7 to 14 days. At the time, the place where the surgery was performed rinse disinfectant based on spirit. In the place where he was papilloma, will scab, which can not be removed because it can occur at this point scar. For 30 days of treatment should be to protect the skin by excessive sun exposure.

Price per treatment: 100 zł