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Removal of corns

The creation of a corn is the result of an increase hyperkeratosis of the epidermis, which is caused by pressure on a particular area of the skin. The most common site of corns are toes,

which are exposed to the friction of the skin layers of interior shoe, hard surface or other bones of the body, which causes pressure on the deeper layers of the skin.


As a result, it gives rise to painful corns, which not only causes discomfort when walking, but also can cause inflammation, accompanied by itching and redness.

As the cause of the symptoms most commonly given ill-fitting shoes or overlapping of the toes, resulting from improper way of walking or irregularities in the formation of the metatarsal.

For the most frequently encountered symptoms include the formation of a hard growths on the skin, pain during walking and discomfort while wearing shoes.


Description of the procedure


The corn is removed from the skin, by evaporation layer of healthy skin using CO2 or medical lasers eCO2. In some cases it may be necessary to remove it through surgery.


After surgery


Recovery process takes about 10 days.




Unfortunately, the removal of the corn may be only a temporary action, which is why it is advisable to use preventive measures:

– The use of well-fitting shoes,

– Application of the cream of 30% in order to assist the process of exfoliation

– Use of silicone shoe inserts that reduce the pressure on the spot likely to develop fingerprint


Price per treatment: 100 – 200 zł (depending on size