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Vaser Lipo High Definition

Vaser Lipo High Definition


Every day, we try to take care of a healthy and beautiful appearance. Submitting to rigorous exercises in the gym and diets, we can achieve the effect of presenting a good figure, but you can not always get the desired effect. Look symmetrical and perfectly separated from each other muscles of the abdomen, thighs, chest, or is difficult to obtain.

Many people, despite being subjected to regular exercise, can not get rid of unwanted body fat. For all those who want to express to emphasize the muscles and get rid of unwanted body fat, we are pleased to offer treatment shaping Hi Def Lipo.


Can anyone make a body contouring procedure Hi Def Lipo?


Hi Def Lipo surgery is not a weight loss surgery, but modeling the body and is designed for people who require correction of the local body, whose aim is to highlight the muscles. Removal of unwanted body fat can be performed on parts of the body such as:


– stomach

– buttocks

– thighs

– coots

– back

– armpits

– breast

– shoulders


Mostly women decide lipomioplastic treatments that emphasize the narrow waistline, buttocks, flat stomach muscles column simple and groove on the navel, or get rid of the loose skin over the breasts. Men choose gynecomastia treatments in the field in order to highlight the pectoralis major muscle and modeling of vertical scratching his belly with inguinal groove.



What is the treatment of Hi Def Lipo?


Method Vaser Lipo body shaping was developed by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos from Bogota and Dr. John Millard from Denver. For the procedure used in the opportunities offered Vaser Lipo our device. Lipomioplastic technology involves the use of lipo selective probes that using ultrasonic wave breaks down fat. As a result, the skin in the area of application shrinks to reveal precisely scratched muscle.

The biggest advantage of the method of shaping Hi Def Lipo is a short recovery time. The first effect of the treatment are visible after treatment.


How to prepare for the procedure?


Those who want to undergo the procedure modelującemu figure, should first inform your doctor about chronic diseases and provide a list of drugs that are abused by them regularly. A few days before surgery, reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum. If before surgery appeared feverishness, flu, and colds, this fact should tell your doctor. Up to 10 days before surgery should not be taken antipyretics, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain

You should also ask the attendant for drop-off home after surgery. For better comfort, we offer our patients to an abortion dressed in sweatshirts, sweaters, and shirts buttoned (not inserted through the head).


All the specific recommendations are discussed with your doctor before surgery consultation visits.


after surgery


Body sculpting Hi Def Lipo is performed under local anesthesia, so do not require hospitalization. For several weeks after surgery, wear special compression garment that can be purchased at medical stores. It is advisable to use of rehabilitation treatments (surgical healing aids such. Laser, ultrasonic waves), which will improve the condition of the skin and significantly accelerate the healing time. After the procedure should be to reserve a time for check-ups, which are free.