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The First Visit

From the first contact with the Jeleniagórskie Laser Therapy Center, we want you to feel at ease and comfortable, which is why we make every effort to ensure that our customer service center was at the highest level.

Regardless of the way of communication that you choose will try to answer all questions fully and in a short time of waiting, so that the term of the registration process for the surgery run smoothly and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Free consultations

Doctor taking care of patients is Dr. Jaroslaw Wilk, who during free consultations provides specialist advice in the field of surgery and aesthetic medicine, and choose an appropriate therapy in the field of dermatology using the technology of medical lasers. During the consultation, the doctor collects detailed data on medical history in order to obtain as much information for determining whether a person can proceed to surgery. If you opt for the treatment, your doctor, if necessary, advise you in detail what tests should be performed in order to be eligible for surgery.

For a free consultation, you can make an appointment at the following offices:

Qualification for surgery

Some treatments because of the complex therapeutic procedures require prior implementation of appropriate laboratory tests, in order to confirm whether the patient’s condition allows to carry out the treatment. After a recommendation by the doctor the list of tests which patient have to make before surgery, it is necessary to deliver test results in person or send their scans on email:

Know before surgery?

Among the treatments offered by our center are also those that require appropriate proceedings before the treatment. For example, laser epilation treatments require precise shave the area of ​​skin where hairs will be removed. In turn, body shaping treatments require prior measure the body and buying the right compression outfit to postoperative procedure be successful. All information about the description of the procedure can be found on our website or obtained directly from the Jeleniogórskiego Laser Therapy Center’s team.

Individual recommendations and controls after treatment

Each of our patients is different, and the differences in the recommendations after surgery ,can vary in details. The doctor performing the procedure will inform you, what steps should be taken to made ​​treatment and recovery process be successful, and he will be also at your disposal for inspection visits in order to provide specialized care throughout the treatment period.

Thank you that you have benefited from our services.