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Radiofrequency – ACCENT® XL

When you buy a package of 4 treatments you receive 4 free treatment


Radiofrequency is a modern method of enabling:

  • body contouring
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • reduction of cellulite


A major advantage of the procedure is the lack of recovery time and allowing the patient to return to daily activities immediately after the treatment. In Jelenia Gora Laser Therapy Centre in the field of Radiofrequency treatments are performed using the product of Alma Lasers, Accent® XL.


Objective of treatment


  • anti-cellulite treatments
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • facial skin rejuvenation
  • reducing shadows and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduction of double chin
  • contouring
  • lift and breast firming




Before surgery


Before performing the procedure, the skin should be cleaned and disinfected. Patient treatment time must remove all jewelry leather. Tell your doctor conducting the treatment of any past or treatment of diseases and ailments with particular emphasis on:


– Heart disease (heart pacemaker having prevented the execution of the procedure)

– Cancer

– Renal diseases

– Ischemic diseases


With no surgery can also benefit women who are pregnant.


Description of the procedure


Over the years, decreases the production of collagen and elastin, which the skin loses its elasticity. Radiofrequency has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and cell regeneration, which increases the amount of collagen and elastin, thus restoring firmness and skin tone. In addition, radio waves therapy has a positive effect on easing swelling and reduces fine wrinkles on the cheeks, chin and neck. Treatment performed Accent® XL device is quick, painless and extremely effective compared to other such devices. The device uses the Alma Lasers heads, having the following characteristics:


– Unipolar head – allowing for reshaping, or deep penetration into the tissue affected by cellulite, and then rebuild the collagen fibers in the skin

– Bipolar head – which was tasked with shallower firming of the skin, especially around the face

– Uniform head – head, intended to rebuild the skin and reduce cellulite over a large area of ​​the body, which also has anti-swelling properties


Depending on the area and the effect to be achieved during the treatment the doctor chooses the individual needs of the patient and the appropriate treatment parameters head to the desired effect has been achieved in the shortest possible time. The device uses the energy Accent® XL radiofrequency to increase the temperature in the tissues of the body (thermotherapy), which smoothes and increased tension and firmness. The process of shaping using Radiofrequency is a result of many factors, among others, acceleration of metabolic changes in the tissues, the transformation of existing collagen fibers and accelerating the synthesis of new fibers, reducing lymphedema.


Time lawns can include a single treatment time of 30 to 75 minutes depending on the size of the area specified treatment. To get the best therapeutic effect is achieved at about 4 to 6 treatment sessions repeated at about 3 week intervals. In order to maintain the obtained effect treatment should be repeated 1 time every 3-4 months.


Before and after the treatment:


Radiof3 Radiof1


Radiofrequency Radiofrequency abdominal facial area

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After surgery


For a few days after the procedure you need to consume a significant amount of water – about 3 liters per day and avoid the consumption of high saturated fat. It should also be avoided for several days of increased physical exercise, hot baths and saunas. To prevent drying of skin should be used after treatment creams and lotions.




Price per treatment:


When you buy a package of 4 treatments you receive 4 free treatment


Price 1 treatment in the selected area:


– Face – 650 zł

– Neck – 550 zł

– Collar – 600- 700 zł

– Face & Neck – 900 zł

– Face + neck + cleavage – 1 500 zł

– Arms – 500 zł

– Hands – 200 zł

– Belly – 750 zł

– Sides – 850 zł

– Belly + sides – 1200 zł

– Back – 800 zł

– Belly + sides + back – 1500 zł

– Buttocks – 600 zł

– Thighs (one size) – 750 zł

– Thighs (rear + front) – 1 000 zł

– Near the knees – 400 zł

– Calves – 600 zł