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Hair transplantation – S.A.F.E.R.

Each of us has lost nearly 80 daily hair. If your case number is greater, and your family are the people who suffer from alopecia – it probably is androgenic alopecia, which is 90% of cases the cause of severe hair loss. If you appear at the bend, and the hair at the crown thinning now, it probably is alopecia, which can in an effective and safe way to stop it.


Offered by the Jeleniogórskie Laser Therapy Centre treatment of hair transplantation by SAFER method – It is also directed to people who suffer from thinning hair on local, hairless scar on the head or in the brow area.


Hair transplant surgery


is the only effective and safe way to supplement the loss of hair in places that have alopecia or significantly thinned. Hair transplantation involves transferring the healthy follicles from areas of the body that were not in place baldness hairless. Hair transplantation is performed to restore hair in the surroundings:


– head

– eyebrows

– mascara

– mustache

– beard

– Chest

– Pubic region

– Operational scars

– burns

– The X-ray exposures


An innovative method S.A.F.E.R.safer


In Jelenia Gora Laser Therapy Center, we are pleased to offer our patients a service in the field of hair transplant using an innovative method that gives the device SAFER (Suction Assisted Extraction and follicular Re-implantation).


S.A.F.E.R. was designed by the French company Medicamat. It is the world’s most modern device that allows you to perform quick and minimally invasive hair transplant. Compared to other devices for hair transplantation, SAFER does not damage the hair follicles collected and leaves no scars. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. After surgery, hospitalization is not required. The patient the next day after a hair transplant can return to lead a normal life.


Before treatment


Before you decide on surgery should arrange a free consultation,. During the visit, the doctor will evaluate the overall condition of the skin sites where surgery will be performed, and the condition of hair transplantation. The patient should provide the surgeon about your expectations regarding the effect of the treatment. Be sure to tell your doctor about your symptoms and any medication you are taking. Up to 10 days before surgery should be abandoned analgesics, anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory, which could lead to increased bleeding during surgery. In addition, for a period of one week should be kept to a minimum consumption of alcohol and smoking. Before surgery, you should perform the following tests are eligible:

– Complete blood count

– Clotting

– Blood glucose level on an empty stomach

– Urinalysis

– Hbs antigen

– Hcv antigen


– Other studies commissioned by the doctor


If the results are good and there are no other contraindications patient can make an appointment date of application. Just before surgery, you should shave the hair in the depending on the doctor, and then they wash your hair (the day of surgery or during the night the day before).



Description of the procedure


The treatment method S.A.F.E.R. can be divided into phase II. In the first phase the doctor prepares the scalp to the hair root extraction, which is done by sucking grafts directly from the scalp to a special container. The hair is taken from the back of the scalp where the strongest and quickly recovering from surgery. Then grafts are prepared by the team on sterile swab soaked in saline to not dried up while waiting for the rest of the procedure. In most cases, one parent graft contains several hair follicles, which ensures that the implanted hair will be adopted through the skin. In the second phase of the procedure previously prepared grafts are implanted in selected areas of the skin by the introducing needle by a special mechanical, which aspirates, and then implanted in the skin graft. Depending on the amount of hair transplant method of treatment using the SAFER can take from 4 to 8 hours time.


Below you can see a film about hair transplant surgery you performed by SAFER




after surgery



The patient may be a few days feel a slight itching and swelling of the places where the surgery was performed, and sometimes numbness (for several days). Do not drink coffee after surgery and alcohol and smoke cigarettes. According to the recommendations should wear protective dressing at the site of implantation of hair to prevent falling transplanted bulbs. In order to replace the dressing must first well soaked gauze dressing on the scalp, then slowly remove the other elements. For a period of about 2-3 weeks should be reduced physical activity and avoid direct sunlight (do not expose the skin after hair transplantation to the sun).




Only now, the price per graft is 11 zł.


Price outside promotion is 14 zł (per graft – the minimum amount of hair to perform the transplant is 200).