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Promotion-Radiofrekwrencja ACCENT ® XL

Promotion-Radiofrekwrencja ACCENT ® XL

When you buy a package of 4 treatments you will receive 4 free treatment

If your skin has lost its elasticity and want to get rid of wrinkles.
If you're fighting for years against cellulite.
If you want to model the figure.

                                                                          We have the ideal solution for you!


RF BIPOLAR is a versatile, so get rid of wrinkles, remove the unwanted fat and fałdki always say goodbye to cellulite. RF bipolar is painless, and the treatment lasts. 1 hour of time. Accent ® device treatment is fast, does not require anesthesia, and the effects are visible already after the first treatment.
For more information about the procedure can be found on the site.


Just now for all clients 54 Laser Therapy Centre we have prepared a special offer.
When you subscribe to a package of 4 treatments, the treatment is free of charge!

We cordially invite you to a free consultation where you can get more info on body RF and its capabilities.

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