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PRP Skin Regeneration

In order to prevent aging of the skin and tarnish the better solution is to use highly regenerating properties of plasma, which is one of the components of blood. It is rich in nutrients, electrolytes, vitamins and hormones, so that the plasma is used for many years in various branches of medicine, including in aesthetic medicine. As a result, the use of regenerative treatment based on the beneficial effects of patient plasma skin becomes younger, more supple and elastic.

Description of the procedure

The aim of treatment is to increase the stimulation of stem cells for regeneration of the skin by administering to it the previously prepared gel of platelet rich plasma. With this treatment the body is naturally motivated to accelerate the production of collagen and thus skin renewal.

During the procedure, the doctor specialist small amount of blood, which is then applied to the tubes. Thus prepared test tubes are placed in a spinning machine. During centrifugation leukocytes and erythrocytes are separated from the plasma containing platelets. In the last phase the doctor gets enriched plasma to a syringe and then applied to areas of the skin, to be regenerated during treatment. In order to achieve optimal results, this procedure can be combined with other treatments that use medical lasers.

Regenerating facial skin with the use of platelet-rich plasma will allow you to:

– Faster reconstruction of collagen and increase skin firmness

– Activation of stem cells into action and cell renewal

– Smoothing out wrinkles and improve skin circulation

– Regeneration of hair follicles and prevents hair loss process

In order to achieve optimal results it is ideal to perform surgery 3 injections of platelet-rich plasma lifting at intervals of every month. Reconstruction and regeneration collagen fibers already occurs about 48 hours after injection.

Price per treatment

– Face: 1000 zł

– One facial area: 200 – 300 zł

– Neck: 500 zł